Knowing when it’s time to go:

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Communication & Change, Culture, Leadership

(22.3-1) Do you ever look around your workplace, or into another, and wonder why certain characters are hanging in, or on? I’m not referring to the matter of financial survival, which is enough motive for many, but those who genuinely appear to believe that the organisation desperately wants – no, needs – them to stay.For […]

Family Business: Dilemmas & Dramas

(22.2-1) Family businesses are an intriguing proposition and an interesting dilemma.Not always sure what they are there for, and often not sure how they should behave. Of course, there are benefits, including unrivalled loyalty and trust (well, unless you follow “Succession” but let’s argue that’s not a family business, rather a business largely owned by […]

Those Difficult Conversations

(22.1-2) No one likes having them, well unless you’ve got the hide of a rhinoceros – those awkward conversations that typically make us feel slightly-to-very uncomfortable. These are the ones that centre on things like: Asking for money that’s overdue (even though it’s overdue); asking for time off (again); asking for a wage or condition […]

Purpose has Value

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Culture, Strategy

(22.1-1) All those years ago, my management studies were largely centred on the London and Boston-based learning communities’ development of hierarchical thought structures and delivery. There’s no doubt that these were / are logical, practical, and easily replicated across industry type, size and form. Many are still practised today providing organisations with frameworks that are […]

Vulnerability in Leadership

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Communication & Change, Leadership

(21.12-2) For easily a decade now I’ve been proposing that a leadership strength is demonstrated somewhat counter-intuitively in ‘vulnerability’. I must be right as a number of academics and influencers are now saying the same thing! (OK, perhaps as long as I have.) Here, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a knowing transparency […]

Permission to Leave

21.12-1 Back when I had bulk people responsibility I was bewildered by the pressure some employees were subjected to by certain managers to ensure they stayed. A mix of subliminal to overt blackmail techniques engaged: “Think about the team!” or “Where will I find someone to replace you?” Even “I’ll have to train someone from […]

Virtual Meetings & Effective Engagement

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Communication & Change

(21.11-1) Could we agree that meetings can be, in many cases, totally unnecessary? With attendance often just to be seen, or a fear of missing something, rather than to add any value.The explosion of Zoom & MSTeams in the lock-down world has provided a means to be efficient in both time and spend, and the […]

EQ and Culture

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Culture, Leadership

(21.10-1) I exited a senior executive based on their challenges with EQ. It wasn’t simply the lack of it but the negative pressure vacuum this gap inflicted on the entire organisation.No amount of development had helped and it was such a shock (no, not to me) when the inevitable day of reckoning finally arrived.Too often […]

The Purpose of Purpose (20.10-2)

Posted by on Oct 9, 2020 in Strategy

The aftermath of recent pandemic lockdowns has given a number of organisations the opportunity of taking time to consider their strategic intent. With a lull in the daily grind and a growing uncertainty as to what is “normal”, the chance to think about the future and how they better prepare for that has appeared on […]

When loyalty and commitment is driven by fear (20.10-1)

Posted by on Oct 8, 2020 in Culture

I was recently asked my opinion about the motivations of a long-serving senior manager who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the organisation. He works long hours at both ends of the day; is rarely off work with illness; takes vacations routinely but not extensively. The question was: what drives him after all these years to […]

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