Separating Personal Identity from Entity:

(22.4-4) There’s a challenge in business that involves understanding the touch point between person and company. Business entities are beings in their own right – legally and even morally. Legislation sets the boundary between them and shareholders, founders, managers, owners etc. The moral obligations involve commitments to staff – ongoing employment and wellbeing; to customers […]

Consciousness of Consequence:

(22.4-2) I’ve coined the term “consciousness of consequence” to help explain the interconnectedness between the decisions we make and those we don’t – or perhaps those we choose not to action. Our consciousness needs to kick in even before we make a decision, with that final path typically precluding us from other options. The hope […]

Values Orientated Decision Making

(22.4-1) I facilitated a Leadership Team Development Strategy session recently for a professional services firm. Part of our discussion was on Purpose (no surprises there) and also how the Values of the business need to link with that. Those values need to reflect in all decisions that are made, including recruitment which is about fit […]

Business as Usual: A notion of disappointment…

(22.3-4) ‘Business as Usual’ is a term typically applying to the core functions of what we do; the standard things that keep our organisation ticking. Sometimes parallel to that are the transformational initiatives and change drivers designed to result in radical improvements to process, function, and bottom-line. These are often deliberately kept separate to minimise […]

Knowing when to step in…

(22.3-3) When things look like they might be going off-course, when do I step in and take control, or is that interfering? Will they thank me for sticking my head in? Or will that be a disrespectful and typically managerial reaction? We have a lot of sayings that would rightly never see the light of […]

Knowing when it’s time to go:

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(22.3-1) Do you ever look around your workplace, or into another, and wonder why certain characters are hanging in, or on? I’m not referring to the matter of financial survival, which is enough motive for many, but those who genuinely appear to believe that the organisation desperately wants – no, needs – them to stay.For […]

Family Business: Dilemmas & Dramas

(22.2-1) Family businesses are an intriguing proposition and an interesting dilemma.Not always sure what they are there for, and often not sure how they should behave. Of course, there are benefits, including unrivalled loyalty and trust (well, unless you follow “Succession” but let’s argue that’s not a family business, rather a business largely owned by […]

Those Difficult Conversations

(22.1-2) No one likes having them, well unless you’ve got the hide of a rhinoceros – those awkward conversations that typically make us feel slightly-to-very uncomfortable. These are the ones that centre on things like: Asking for money that’s overdue (even though it’s overdue); asking for time off (again); asking for a wage or condition […]

Vulnerability in Leadership

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(21.12-2) For easily a decade now I’ve been proposing that a leadership strength is demonstrated somewhat counter-intuitively in ‘vulnerability’. I must be right as a number of academics and influencers are now saying the same thing! (OK, perhaps as long as I have.) Here, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a knowing transparency […]

Permission to Leave

21.12-1 Back when I had bulk people responsibility I was bewildered by the pressure some employees were subjected to by certain managers to ensure they stayed. A mix of subliminal to overt blackmail techniques engaged: “Think about the team!” or “Where will I find someone to replace you?” Even “I’ll have to train someone from […]

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