Purpose has Value

Posted by on Apr 29, 2022 in Culture, Strategy


All those years ago, my management studies were largely centred on the London and Boston-based learning communities’ development of hierarchical thought structures and delivery. There’s no doubt that these were / are logical, practical, and easily replicated across industry type, size and form. Many are still practised today providing organisations with frameworks that are useful and mostly sensible – things such as Vision, Mission Statements, and all the alignments that cascade below them.

But times change. These days I’m more comfortable with understanding an organisation’s “Purpose”. The statement that articulates crisply the reason it exists. The one without any aspirational grandiosity or hyperbole typically associated with those previously mentioned. 
Oddly, while it tends to be universally understood, it can be difficult to extract – probably a carry-over from the complexity of the old days?

Without recognising and understanding it you’re likely to drift randomly from opportunity to opportunity; by knowing it, your strategic future becomes much clearer. It’s a matter of ‘consciousness of consequence’ (and more on that, later).

Let me know if you want to explore your organisation’s ‘Purpose’ and the value that leads to?!