Planning: Strategic & Change

Strategic or Operational plan review and development aligned with organisational purpose. Planning examples include Long Term / Annual Plans (LGA); Strategic Objectives assessment and structure; Strategic Marketing and Business Development; Preparation for Reorganisation including structure, acquisition, or merge; Corporate / Strategic Asset Management Planning.

Workshop Facilitation

Independent facilitation to develop Strategy & Purpose; Issue & Uncertainty Resolution; Business Development; Business Structure Optimisation; Economic Development; Project Planning; Regulatory Performance Review; Long Term and Annual Planning.

People and Capability Assessment & Development

Review of resource, capacity and capability against market, industry, and environmental factors with options and recommendations for enhancement extending to the delivery of the recommendations; Mentoring and capability development is also provided at an organisational, team, or individual manager level.

Project & Programme Management

Review and/or management and delivery of  projects and transformational programmes of work ranging from concept to integration into the business. Projects range from corporate business development assignments to local government infrastructure and major service changes.

Interim Executive Management

Short to medium term executive management assignments arising either from transition due to personnel change or through a required change or development process.

Investing in Services for Outcomes – Capability Mentor

A Capability Mentor with the Ministry of Social Development’s Capability Investment Resource (CIR) programme focused on investing in services for outcomes. More Information here.

Outcomes services include:

  • Organisational capability assessment and planning
  • Governance – provision and advice
  • Financial Viability and Stability
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Operational Management
  • Workforce Development
  • Organisational Technology
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Organisational Responsiveness