Values Orientated Decision Making


I facilitated a Leadership Team Development Strategy session recently for a professional services firm.

Part of our discussion was on Purpose (no surprises there) and also how the Values of the business need to link with that. Those values need to reflect in all decisions that are made, including recruitment which is about fit rather than availability.

As this business has developed they have, and perhaps inadvertently, successfully employed based on a values mindset – certainly there is no doubt as to the need for well qualified and highly skilled individuals – but it is the attention to how each one fits culturally which is critical, and not how well qualified they are.

Don’t imagine that these are all similar thinkers and doers; their interactions with each other, and their clients, is dynamic, challenging where needed, and constructive because of it. The strength is in how they engage and interrelate, and this is stimulating and energising to see in action.

We’ve possibly all seen the challenges of dealing with a  ‘silo-star’ performer – either intellect or ego or, God-forbid, both – and the stress and negative impact that can have on an organisation irrespective of their personal success. If the values don’t align then those players are best placed elsewhere; simply don’t take them on in the first place.

Skills can be developed and strengthened; values are immovable.